A Manifesto

At Dirt Bike Channel we are convinced that dirt bikes are always in season.  Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall are the perfect times to ride.  We counted 12 months during each year that are prime times for riding.  Dirt bikes can take you to places you'd otherwise never get to see, in a shorter time than you ever thought was possible.

On our machines, we climb to new heights, sink to new lows, ride on the edge, and ride on the pipe.  We twist the throttle, cover the brake, stab the clutch, and hang on for dear life. We smile, we grimace, we shiver, and we sweat. We laugh, we cuss, we submit, and we conquer.  We face our fears, we push our boundaries, we discover new limits, and we find ourselves along the way.

This site is a refuge for all those who have forsaken four wheeled, off road machines. You can let your guard down now.  You are among friends.  

Here we leave but a single track.



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