DBC Mask - Blue
DBC Mask - Blue
DBC Mask - Blue
DBC Mask - Blue

DBC Mask - Blue

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Even though we think your dirt bike exhaust makes you immune to most things, we still can’t wear the helmet in all settings. All joking aside, let’s face it, masks suck to wear. Nobody wants to have to put one of these on. That said, no matter how any of us feel about masks, there are some places we all go where we need one. Might as well be this one. It’s fully adjustable and washable. These don’t suck as bad as many I’ve had to wear over the past 6 months :)

2 Ply

Adult Size

Adjustable ear straps

Adjustable Nose Piece

Mask Filter Pocket Inside Pocket



Get them while supplies last. Sorry, no returns on masks since that would be gross :) If it’s defective, email customerservice@dirtbikechannel.com