250 vs. 300 - Which 2 stroke is best for you?




We get this question ALL THE TIME. There seems to be a big debate in the enduro community on which 2 stroke machine is better on the trails, a 250 or 300.


The more appropriate question would probably be, “which bike fits my riding style more?” Every rider has a different style, strengths and weaknesses, and preferences. If you think about it that way, rather than just looking at what Graham Jarvis and Cody Webb are riding, then I think you will make a much better decision on your 2 stroke trail weapon.


So here it is, once and for all, we’re settling the debate on the 250 vs. 300 dilemma.







  • Better on faster, more open terrain
  • Not as much low end torque
  • Suits 2nd and 3rd gear riders
  • Best for riders who stand and rev






  • Better on tighter, technical terrain
  • Slower revving motor
  • Suits 1st and 2nd gear riders
  • Best for riders who sit and lug







The modern 250 and 300 two stroke motors make essentially the same amount of power. If you put both bikes on a dyno and extracted all the data, I’m sure you could find nuanced differences. But the primary differentiator is WHERE the power is delivered, not how much power is delivered.


You could also look at this based on where you ride the most. If you’re riding mostly wide open, fast terrain (desert, hare scrambles, fast flowy singletrack) then get the 250 2 stroke. If you’re riding mostly tight, technical terrain (mountain singletrack, hard enduro, rough rocky singletrack), then get the 300. Easy enough?


Let’s add some caveats: the 250 can absolutely handle technical terrain and the 300 can definitely handle the fast flowy terrain. It really comes down to your preference and the most important factor is the FUN FACTOR. Which bike puts a smile on your face? Get that one.  




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