About Me . . .

Hey guys, I'm Kyle Brothersen.  I produce, film, edit, plan, and work this thing called Dirt Bike Channel, LLC.  I am a regular guy just like you.  I am passionate about off road dirt bike riding.  If you are reading this, we probably have that in common. 

Until October of 2018, I worked full a time technology sales job during the day, worked on Dirt Bike Channel in my off hours, and I'm a husband and a father of 4 kids. Recently, I have decided to focus on Dirt Bike Channel full time and see where I can take it.  

When I'm not working, I tend to head to the outdoors with my family doing things like camping, riding dirt-bikes, boating, hiking, and taking pictures.  I'm a husband/father, dirt bike rider, guitar player, gun enthusiast, archer, amateur videographer, amateur photographer, and pilot (don't fly much these days!).