300 XC in the wild

Can a man be in love with 2 things at the same time?  I know I'm in love with my wife, and I'm now officially in love with this bike.  I've only got about 5 hours on it, and that is all it's taken.  I mean, when it's truly love, it just feels right.  Right?

What's so great about it?  It's got the stiffer suspension (as compared to the XC-W) that eats up the bumps at speed, and it gets more "pop" of everything you want to get "pop" off of to give you more air.  It's got the 300 two-stroke motor that is both a "tractor" and a "hot rod" in one small package.  It's light and feels very agile.  The XC gearing is great, and since putting a 52 tooth sprocket on the rear, it's even better for low end power. 

For right now, this really does seem to be the perfect bike for me.  I'm keeping the 300XC-W for those really tight, rocky, single track kind of days, but this 300 XC is now my primary bike of choice.  It just does so many things well for me. 

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