Muddy Bike: A Badge of Honor

Wouldn't you agree?  I'm mean, they are actually called DIRT BIKES, so it can't be all that bad.  When I'm camping, a muddy bike is like a badge of honor.  It's the visual reminder and evidence of a great experience that has recently taken place. I'm not huge on a bike that is just caked from head to toe with thick, nasty, clay, but this kind of dirt is just right.  It's that dark mountain earth that means we've been in some really pretty country, no doubt floating that front wheel over puddles and streams.  

I love riding in the mountains.  There is just something so moving about it. It's almost spiritual to be out there in the great outdoors on the bike.  I feel connected with nature, connected with my soul, and connected with my maker all at the same time.  Unless you've experienced it like I have, it's tough to explain.   A ride taking you through meadows, aspen trees, and pine trees is a good ride indeed.  Picking up a little mountain mud though each obstacle is another notch in your belt for the trip.

Of course, once I get home, I'm itching to get the bikes washed, and wipe the slate clean for the next time out.  Making things looks like new (or close to new anyway) again is a literal cleansing ritual I take seriously with my bikes.  I feel a nagging in my soul until I take the time to clean my machine after riding trip.  Back to clean, ready for the next time.  Its a beautiful cycle, don't you agree?

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