All new 2017 KTM mini MX bikes

KTM has released their 2017 minicycles first. I am assuming because of the all new Husky TC250 we will also see an update for all the KTM 2-strokes. Hopefully the new design will make it onto the off road line (XC, XCW). For now here are some pictures and info about the new mini bikes.

The biggest news is that the 2017 KTM 65SX and the 2017 KTM 50SX both are now equipped with WP's AER 35 front forks. Along with new graphics the 50SX mini gets a new shock.

Check out the following pictures (Courtesy of KTM

2017 KTM 85SX

2017 KTM 65SX

KTM WP AER 35 air forks

2017 KTM 50SX

2017 KTM 50SX Mini

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