First Camp of 2015

I'm just going to say it.  We had a crappy winter in Utah.  Hardly any snow meant almost no good skiing days and, you can pretty much forget about snowmobiling altogether.  Starting in January of 2014, I made a personal goal to ride my dirt bike in every month going forward, for as long as I can.  With the drought we are having, it's been pretty easy.  Once the mountains got too wet/cold to ride the single track, we resorted back to the desert locales.  We were able to ride trails in central and northern Utah right up until mid December 2014.  One quick trip to St. George in January took care of that month, and by February, I was riding from my garage again here in Utah county.  See, now I'm looking at the silver lining of a snow drought.

One thing we haven't done since last October was to take the toy hauler camping with the family.  That streak ended this weekend with a camp in the desert.  The kids had a great time riding the CRF 50 and a couple of little electric dirt bikes we've recently picked up.  We ended up having a really nice evening ride while the sun went down, and we got to get some use out of the headlights on the bikes. The following day, we capped off the trip with a second ride during the late afternoon hours.  The kids had a great time, wives got some sun, and the dads got some much needed "seat time" on the KTMs. 

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