DBC 101 Course

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do has increased.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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These private 1 on 1 sessions are $250 for 90-120 minutes. Classes are typically given from my home in Saratoga Springs UT. I might be able to come to you if compensated for time and travel. We can work out a day/time that works for you/me once we make contact.

Dirt Bike 101 Beginner Courses

You just spent $3000 - $10,000 on a dirt bike and $600 - $1500+ in riding gear.  You have a thousand questions about how all of this works.  I can help with that.

Being in the position that I am, talking to thousands of beginning dirt bikers, I know that many of us are slow to learn some things. I know I was. Let me help point you in the right direction on so many different topics.

I am offering 90-120 minute "dirt bike 101” sessions.  They are private "one on one" meetings for $250.  They are geared toward beginning riders in their first few days/weeks, and up to their first year of riding. We will cover most of the basics that you need to know on a wide variety of topics.  During our session, I can save you from a myriad of questions, uncertainties, and headaches down the road. It will be a major boost in your confidence as you wander through the beginning phases of off-road dirt biking. Think of this as a primer for the next year of your riding. Schedule this for yourself, your spouse, or your child.

I started my journey in riding in 2010 (on the wrong dirt bike), and later got more serious about this sport in 2012 or 2013.  You may find many others who are more skilled than me, with extensive resumes, and may be better suited to teach you as you progress further and deeper in this sport.  Having said that, I am confident that for the beginning dirt bike rider, the information you will receive will be worth far more than what you are paying me. You may have seen enough of my 600+ YouTube videos to know where I’m coming from and my qualifications to help you.

I wish that I would have had access to this type of course when I started riding back in 2010. In our session, we will plan to go over the following items, but you are encouraged to come with your own questions too.  I’ll do my best to answer them all in the time we have.

Basic Bike Setup:

  • How to Set Sag (you will need to do this on your own later to save time)

  • Do I need different spring rates in my suspension for my weight?

  • Suspension 101 (clickers for rebound and compression and how to set them)

  • Steering Tension

  • Do I need a Steering Stabilizer?

  • How to properly install front wheel

  • Tire Pressure (what pressure, how often to check)

  • Handlebars (positions/bar risers/bends)

  • Levers (setup tips)

  • Chain Tension (how loose/tight)

  • Skid Plates (recommended brands/types)

  • Do I need a pipe guard? 

  • What other protective gear does my bike need?

Basic Maintenance Topics

  • Air filters (how to clean/oil them/how often)

  • Engine Oil Changes (how to do it/how often)

  • Gear Oil Changes (how to do it/how often)

  • Washing the bike (tips)

  • Exhaust pipes (stock vs. aftermarket)

  • Silencers and Spark Arrestors (what you need and why)

  • Recommended tires 

  • Tubes vs TUbliss vs Moose bibs (advantages/disadvantages)

  • Chain/Sprocket maintenance

Riding Gear/Protective Gear

  • Helmets (what to look for/how long to use them/when to retire it)

  • Boots (Recommendations)

  • Jerseys/Pants/Gloves (Sizing/Vented vs. non-vented)

  • Base Layers

  • Chest Guards (Do I need this?)

  • Neck Guards (Do I need this?)

  • Knee Guards (Do I need this?)

  • Knee Braces (Do I need this?)

Basic Riding Techniques

  • Standing Up (and when to sit)

  • Basic Body position

  • Basic Foot Position

  • Balance Drills to practice at home

  • Clutch Tips

  • Front Brake Tips

  • Rear Brake Tips

  • Shifting Tips

Again, I am confident that for the beginning dirt bike rider, the information you will receive will be worth far more than what you are paying me.

I typically do these classes at my house since it limits the time away from family. I might be able to arrange to come to you if I’m compensated for time and travel. You are encouraged to come prepared with written questions (don’t want you to forget anything), all of your riding gear for inspection, and with your dirt bike.

Of course, I am not an expert rider or expert instructor.  Far from it, actually.   I’m a regular guy, a decent rider, and I’m striving to constantly improve.

Let me know if you are interested in scheduling a time to meet. 

If you have questions about these courses, fill out the contact form below and I will get in touch with you as soon as I’m able.