Here you will find a few select video titles that you can purchase and download for online or offline viewing (your choice using my video host Each video must be purchased on its own on this page with my current technology setup, meaning if you want to get DBC gear (shirts, etc) those purchases will be separate from the videos on this page. You will get an email with a viewing and download link after purchase from Gumroad. During the DBC Sweepstakes (promotional periods) these purchases automatically qualify you for the prizes in the same way buying other gear would do (see official rules), but you will not get a confirmation of those video entries on your receipt. This is because I’m using Gumroad’s technology to handle the payment and delivery of these videos (to take advantage of automation), and I can’t control the messaging with the receipts. Rest assured that you are earning entries that will be added to your total by my sweepstakes admins when we make the full tally at the end of each sweepstakes. Please don’t share the downloaded videos online since you’d be stealing directly from me and my family, and you’d be in violation of copyright laws. Hope you enjoy!