DBC Mini Tire Pump
DBC Mini Tire Pump
DBC Mini Tire Pump

DBC Mini Tire Pump

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Got a slow leak or a flat on your bike out on the trail? Try our lightweight, portable solution for filling up your tires out in the wild. Factoring in size, weight, and overall utility, these are the best pumps I’ve used in my riding packs. These hand pumps feature a telescoping lock on fitting capable of high pressure (up to 125+ psi), or low pressure. Works on standard schrader type valves (typical on dirt bikes). Compatible with tubes and TUbliss for both high and low pressure systems. While this pump has an inline gauge, we recommend having a more accurate way to check low pressures.


  • Up to 125 PSI

  • Lightweight

  • Easily packable

  • Flexible swiveling hose

  • Locks on the valve stem

  • Built in gauge for approximations (not very reliable for precise measuring)


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